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Getting Started with JUDICOM

Congratulations on setting up your JUDICOM account! You are now part of a system that allows you to collaborate and share your knowledge with other members of the judicial community across Canada.

FirstClass is the software product that powers JUDICOM. It brings together a variety of popular technologies within a fully integrated suite of applications including: email, calendars, contacts, instant messaging, workgroup collaboration, and document storage.

In this section, you will find information regarding setting up your user preferences and understanding how JUDICOM is organized.

Awareness videos have been created to help familiarize users with the new version of FirstClass (identified by the camera symbol below).


All JUDICOM users have a personalized desktop that is displayed each time they log in to the system.

Email & Instant Messaging

FirstClass offers email capabilities that enable users to communicate with each other or to external Internet destinations. FirstClass offers messaging features that include:

  • message grouping and previews;
  • mail automation tools (out-of-office notice);
  • message tracking and status; and,
  • integrated instant messaging that enables users to check if another user is online and instantaneously share messages and files.

Collaborative Conferences

The collaboration capabilities are the core of JUDICOM. They are access-controlled shared spaces to facilitate topic-based discussions, email, group calendars, knowledge sharing, document repositories, peer-to-peer networking, and more.

Permission-based controls ensure that appropriate people have access to each conference, and the role each person can play within the conference is well-defined.

Calendaring & Scheduling

The calendaring application within JUDICOM facilitates comprehensive calendaring, scheduling, and time management capabilities. There are a wide range of viewing options, including weekly, monthly, and multi-day views. This application provides scheduling with “at a glance” access to a participant’s availability for booking and calendar conflict resolution. Calendar events can be customized for repeat events, reminder notifications, formatted text, and attachment of files and messages.

Centralized User Directory & Presence Management

As a member of JUDICOM, you are entered into a central user directory system that automatically makes contact information and a rich set of supplementary information available for all users.

The directory provides users with:

  • A powerful “Who’s Online” tool for interacting with other users on the system. Users who are currently connected are highlighted in bold.
  • FirstClass Résumés — users can edit their profiles with contact details, job titles or role descriptions, personal information (i.e. special interests, hobbies, etc.), pictures or graphics. When deciding what personal information to include in your resume, keep in mind that resumes can be viewed by all users.

Contact Management

FirstClass enables users to effectively manage both their personal and shared contact databases with an easy-to-use set of contact management tools. Features include:

  • Importing/exporting contacts.
  • Sharing personal/group mail lists and contacts.

Document Portability

Documents may be created or uploaded for easy and secure access from any computer on which you use JUDICOM.


JUDICOM Service Desk

Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs Canada

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)
Telephone: 1-888-495-8849 (toll free)
Fax: 1-613-995-5615

Date modified: 04-07-2008